Senior living in Breckenridge, MN

Senior living in Breckenridge, MN

Senior living at Appletree Court and CHI St. Francis Nursing Home

Making hard decisions about the future is a little easier when there are great alternatives nearby. CHI St. Francis has created a vibrant, supportive community for independent seniors with Appletree Court. And for those who aren't able to live independently, CHI St. Francis Nursing provides exceptional care and an array of rehabilitative services in a warm, welcoming environment.


St. Francis Nursing Home

We may require more care as we age, but staying close to home is still a priority. It’s reassuring to know top-quality long-term care is available right here. Our residents enjoy the best of all worlds, with access to innovative medical and rehabilitation services, along with close friendships, wonderful amenities, and kind, respectful care.

Appletree Court Senior Living

Independent apartment living allows seniors to enjoy many amenities that wouldn't be available at home or through standard apartment rentals. While living at Appletree Court means more socializing, more security and less isolation than living alone, having their own apartment units also gives seniors their privacy and solitude when they need it.