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Diagnostic imaging

The Diagnostic Imaging Department at St. Francis is dedicated to the science of diagnostic imaging. Our expert and caring team of Registered Technologists, Ultrasonographers, Radiologist, and support staff provide the best in imaging services. Our Diagnostic Imaging Team has a long standing commitment to excellence in patient care and a passion for high-quality, accurate examinations. 

We use a relatively new system called the Picture Archiving and Communication System, also known as PACS. PACS is an electronic technology used to acquire, organize, transport, view and store diagnostic imaging data. This results in a filmless environment with on-demand digital access to patient images and reports via computer from anywhere at anytime. Ultimately our patients images and their physicians will benefit, as they will receive faster exam results and be able to view the images immediately after the procedure is completed.

This department is under the direct supervision of a Radiologist. Imaging exams must be ordered by an attending physician and are performed in the Diagnostic Imaging Department or by portable equipment by the Registered Radiological Technologists. The department offers radiology services 24 hours a day to inpatient and emergency services, and ten hours per day to out-patients.

The Radiologists at St. Francis has advanced education in the specialty of Imaging and has completed a multidisciplinary fellowship. The Radiologist at St. Francis is board certified. Our skilled staff has specialized training in diagnostic imaging as well as extensive hands on experience. Imaging Specialists at St. Francis are registered by the AART, ARDMS and hold advanced registries in CT, MRI, Mammography, bone Densitometry, and Ultrasound. 

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