Emergency Room

When seconds count, you can count on St. Francis for 24-hour emergency care

We are staffed by emergency trained physicians

  • Staff trained in trauma care
  • Critical care treatment for all medical¬†specialties
  • Round-the-clock ambulance service to bring patients to hospital
  • Helicopter service to transport patients in emergency situations
  • In-house physician coverage 24/7
ER response team - We are ready to care for you

In an emergency, you want the best medical attention - FAST. At CHI St. Francis Health, continuous quality improvement and innovation solutions help all patients receive outstanding health care services when every second counts. The CHI St. Francis Emergency Department treats a variety of medical conditions, ranging from minor cuts and illnesses to life threatening injuries.

As a certified Level IV Trauma Center, the department is staffed 24 hours a day by physicians and registered nurses. It's equipped with a helicopter-landing pad to transport patients in and out of the hospital in emergency situations. We provide competent nursing and medical/trauma care, crisis intervention, and client education in a caring and confidential environment.

Emergency registration desk inside CHI St. Francis emergency room

The St. Francis' Emergency Department utilizes a triage system with computerized documentation for classifying patients to ensure prompt treatment with access to higher levels of care when symptoms warrant.

Families are welcome to stay in designated areas of the emergency center while the patient is being treated. Someone may accompany the patient to the treatment room, depending on the patient's condition. The designated companion may keep the others in the waiting room informed of the patient's condition. For the patient's benefit, we ask that you do not alternate visitors, which can create excess traffic and noise. Visitors may be asked to leave the room during exams or treatments.

Spiritual and emotional support

At CHI St. Francis Health, we realize that emergency situations are stressful for everyone involved. Patients and families often need emotional and spiritual support. Chaplains are on call at all times to provide support and counsel. You may also contact your personal minister.