Additional services at St. Francis nursing home

Food and nutrition

  • Three scheduled meal times daily
  • Meal plans are individualized for each resident
  • Restaurant style menu selection for open breakfast times
  • Special diets are available according to a physician's order
  • Scheduled fine dining & special occasions (linen table setup)
  • Snacks available between meals
  • Families can set up special celebrations with the Food and Nutrition Department
Serving breakfast with Food and Nutrition at St. Francis Nursing Home

Hair salon and barber shop

Available as a contracted service by a licensed beautician. This is designed for both male and female residents.  The resident or responsible party is billed for these services by the beautician. Residents and/or family can arrange for their own beautician for hair care. A current cosmetology license and proof of liability insurance is needed before their beautician can use the hair salon.

Residents can have pedicures and manicures through the activities department.


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Hospice Services

Resident and/or family members can access Hospice servicess through CHI Health at Home.  You can find more information at

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Pharmaceutical Services

A resident may choose a pharmacy upon admission from Breckenridge or Wahpeton. Accommodations can also be made through the Fargo VA pharmacy for Veterans.

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Laundry services

Residents may have personal clothing washed within the facility on the neighborhood by staff and/or family. Clothing must be marked. Marking and mending services are available by contacting the neighborhood leader.

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Special services

These extra services are available by arrangement:

  • Audiology Services
  • Beautician
  • Chemical Dependency Services
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Mental Health Services
  • Optometry
  • Primary Care and Walk-in Clinic access
  • Transportation to and from local physician appointments