Admission process at St. Francis nursing home

Application for admission to the St. Francis Nursing Home should be made with Social Services by calling 218-643-0553. Applications are reviewed by Social Services, Nursing and the Administration.

Admission to the Nursing Home is determined by the total needs of the individual and the Nursing Home's ability to meet these needs. A second evaluation is done by a Pre-Admission Screening Team through the MN Senior Linkage Line regardless of payer source for all admissions into CHI St. Francis Home.

For a North Dakota resident who has Medicaid insurance a screen will be needed through ASCEND Management prior to admission to the facility.

Requirements for admission:

  • Current history and physical, from potential residents' physician;
  • Mantoux test;
  • Orders signed by the attending physician.
Resident using the IN2L program to sing karaoke

Medical direction

Under state rule, a physician must examine a certified NF or boarding care resident within five days prior to or 72 hours after admission. Each person can choose whom their primary physician is through CHI St. Francis Health, Essentia, or Sanford from Breckenridge/Wahpeton. After the admitting examination, the physician must see the resident at lease every 30 days for the first 90 days after admission and at least every 60 days thereafter.

Smoking policy

St. Francis Home is a smoke free environment. No smoking in the buildings, rooms or grounds is permitted. This supports a Healthier Community Initiative.